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NIDRA DREAMS EYE MASK WITH NOSEPIECE: Contoured Sleep Mask for Women and Men, Black

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Wake up refreshed with the Nidra Dreams Eye Mask! The face-fitting contour feature assists with blocking natural light to help boost melatonin production so you can fall into a deep REM sleep every night for the best rest.


Our lightweight molded eye cups curve away from eyes to provide rub-free blinks for uninterrupted and comfy sleep. Our mask completely covers eyes to block visual stimuli without compressing the face and eyes or smudging makeup.


When sleeping, light exposure can prevent a long night’s rest. With this sleep eye mask, the small nosepiece and 2 molded eye cups are designed to give you a blackout experience so you can peacefully sleep anytime.


Using advanced ergonomics, this luxurious mask is uniquely shaped to the face and eyes to promote an optimal sleep experience. Designed for maximum coverage, our adjustable sleep mask is best for petite faces and nose bridges.


At Nidra, we believe sleep is one of the most fundamental pillars of well-being. Our family-owned business is dedicated to designing sleep essentials to help people achieve peaceful sleep anywhere, anytime.

Wake up looking and feeling refreshed with the Nidra Dreams Eye Mask. When sleeping beside a partner using a large light or traveling on a plane, you can risk disturbing your melatonin production and deep REM sleep cycle. If this sleep cycle is interrupted for even one night, your body will not follow its normal circadian sleep-cycle progression, and it can take days or even weeks to catch up. A good night of rest can help support your heart, memory, and activity levels. Our mask for sleeping is designed with a small nosepiece and deeply molded eye cups to help block out light and other visual stimuli so you can have a more-restful REM sleep. Find your sleeping bliss every night with the Nidra Dreams Eye Mask.

Our sleep mask for men and women is made from 100% soft polyester and can be handwashed. It's perfect for petite faces and nose bridges, and the adjustable hook-and-loop strap makes it easy for this mask to match your preferences. The nosepiece further ensures the right fit and assists with blocking out light. This mask uniquely contours to the face and eyelids without too much pressure. Even if you wear false lashes, the 2 molded cups will still curve away from each eye and eyelash so you won't feel blinks. These cups also don't smudge eye makeup, making it perfect to slip on for a nap. This innovative travel eye mask can be used in the comfort of your home or brought along on long car rides, flights, and camping trips. Sleep harmoniously anywhere and anytime with the Nidra Dreams mask.

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