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The 26 Best High School Graduation Gifts

"Since your grad will be sharing a room (maybe for the first time), they’re going to discover the hard way that people operate on very different sleep schedules. Whether they’re paired with a night owl or a morning lark, a comfortable, light-blocking eye mask will help them snooze through whatever’s happening..."

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14 Travel Pros Share Their Must-Haves for a Comfortable Flight

"To lift off and drift off, you need an eye mask that delivers that lights-out effect. Rachel Lees, a Sydney-based travel writer and editor, swears by Nidra Dreams’ molded eye mask with an adjustable Velcro head strap because it completely blocks out cabin light..."

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11 Best Sleep Masks To Help Block Out The World

"If you’re in the market for a classic, lightweight, comfortable, and contoured sleep mask, Nidra is the GOAT. It’s affordable yet quality you can trust, and the design makes it perfect to throw into any travel bag and use on the go. The deeply molded cups curve away from the eyes to avoid compressing your eyes or eyelashes but still promise to block out all light and visual stimuli that could prevent you from falling asleep..."

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Our favorite contoured sleep mask

"If you’ve been struggling to catch your nightly eight hours, check out this Nidra Deep Rest eye mask, a.k.a. our top pick for contoured sleeping masks. In testing, it was described as a “personal blackout [curtain] for your eyes,” and who could ever argue with that?..."

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Why We Love the Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask

"The Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask was a small but crucial addition to my reserves. It shuts out ever-blazing street lights as well as the rising sun after a late night of dancing. Plus, it’s so lightweight and comfortable that I forget I’m wearing it..."

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Sleep better with these 23 products, from a sleep pod to a blackout eye mask

"If you are sensitive to light while sleeping, this lightweight mask will help you sleep anywhere, from a plane or long car ride to camping. The mask is designed with molded cups, so the fabric will not touch your eyes or eyelashes for a comfortable fit. This mask works best for back sleepers..."

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The 9 Best Sleep Masks of 2022, According to Frequent Travelers

"People who sleep on their sides will appreciate the precise fit of this sleep mask from Nidra. It features an adjustable nose piece with blackout eye wells that contour for turbulent or side sleepers. Its deeply molded cups curve away from eyes and eyelashes for comfort during movement and gives sleepers the freedom to blink while the mask is on..."

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